Amy's Studio of Performing Arts, named for its current owner and lead instructor, Amy Cave, was originally Preston Forest School of Dance which opened in 1961. Jackie Troup Miller took over the studio in 1976 and re-named it the JTM Studio of Performing Arts. In 2005 Amy inherited the studio and changed the name but kept the same core values and teaching ideals that have been successful for 54 years. Serving students ranging from preschool to senior adults, Amy's Studio of Performing Arts offers instruction in dance, musical theatre and acting. Classes are organized by age groups and skill levels. Dance classes range from ballet and tap classes for the preschool age group to high skill level classes for teens and adults. And yes, we have boys enrolled and enjoying dance and musical theatre. We design each class to be fun and age & gender appropriate. Our instruction is guided by our passion for imparting to our students a lifelong love of music and dance.

Mission & Vision


My goal at the studio

is to promote a lifelong love of music and dance in an environment that creates lasting friendships. We are a dance studio located in northwest Dallas for over 40 years. At our studio, students learn so much more than just dance steps.


While learning technique

and fundamentals, young students also learn manners, respect for others and teamwork. We always strive to keep our dance instruction and performances fun and age appropriate. My children and their friends dance with us, so I am passionate about creating a great environment for them." - Amy Cave